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To protect the world from devastation

Got the Pokemon dvds today. Huzzah! They're clearly pirate (but since there's no official release...) they lack titles and end credits, but that's not really important anyway. what matters is I have the eps and can watch them at last < 33 Watched the first 10 and Jesse, James and Meowth's voices are all so weird. At ep 9 Jesse and James turn into the voices we all know and love but Meowth hasn't yet

Pikachu is so cute.

And James is so gay.

I lost my DS stylus somewhere and can't find it :[

Got Lostprophets ticket, so yay! Picking it up Tuesday.

Two things left to come: Mini's and Dir En grey. Hope the latter comes tommorrow before Walsall... even though I have almost no money for Walsall...
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