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To forget

Went to Wolverhampton today. First stop Forbidden Planet, where baby got the last Naboo Royal Starship (jealous much?) and I gots Kerrang and the last Universe booster. The guy ta the till was so funny and cool.. even though I made him go up a ladder :P

Kerrang makes me sad, not causa gee and Mikey, but cause of one of the pages has somehow been stapled weird. It does have about the Lostprophets tour (with From First To Last < 3333 ). I want the Snakes On A Plane soundtrack now.

Went round town, eventually got Farscape and Drive Thru dvd, but only after much pondering. Sadly nowhere had the barge.

Got a new notebook, baby got me a stud and I got a biohazard symbol necklace.

I'm sure I've missed something...
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