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What To Do With The Dead Part 2

What To Do With The Dead
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Mikey/Gerard (for this part)
Notes: It's very AU and will have crossovers
Warnings: Necrophilia, death, gore, scat
POV: Mikey
Fandoms: MCR/mentions of others
Dedications: antontobias86 jockstrap_girl Emo!Tom courtesy of w0rds0fl0ve and khitlerbitch
Disclaimer: not mine/not real etc
Notes 2: Apologies for the delay

Part 2: Gerard's Room

I hauled his body upstairs, then returned for his head. It was then I decided to rid myself of my bloodied tee, using one sleeve to wipe some of his blood from off my glasses before throwing it away. With his head tucked under one arm and the knife in the other hand I ascended the stairs, leaving another trail off blood from where his head once met his body as I did so. I entered his room, where I'd bought his body minutes before. Some might call it bare. It only had a bed, a closet and a set of drawers with assorted junk on it. He rarely spent any time here when he was alive, his instruments and computer were located in a seperate room where he spent most of his nights.

The body was sprawled over the floor, so I set his head between his legs and the knife beside him. I gazed over his form, mentally listing what I'd need to achieve what I desired and so I could check if we had them. I knew we had several of them at least. I knelt down and ran my fingers through his soft hair, planting light kisses where my fingers were stroking. "Don't worry big brother, I'll take good care of you."

I left his side, searching through the house of the various items I required. By the time I returned, about half an hour later, I found something I hadn't quite expected. His body had made a mess on the carpet, his body apparently had expelled the contents of his bowels while I was gone. Not only that but his chest was glistening and slightly golden, his flaccid dick clearly having sprayed piss all over himself. With a soft purr I placed what I'd bought with me on the bed, the smell arousing instead of disgusting me. "Big brother, stop trying to get me to fuck you! There'll be time enough when I'm done."

First, I picked up his head, deciding it would be the easiest to do first. I carried it to the bed, then sat, bring his hair up to my face and inhaling the scent of his piss soaked hair. After a few moments, I slowly turn his head in my hands, so where his neck used to join his body was facing me. Not only was it bloody, but there was some of his shit there too. Tentatively, I bought it closer to my mouth, swiping my tongue over the brown and red mess. Even though the blood had dried, I could still taste it's sweetness on my tongue. His shit tasted bitter and quite strange, but I knew I liked it. I soon licked the whole wound clean (lightly tonguing his wind pipe in the process) so could gaze at the inner workings of his neck. Three things were clear to me immediately: the wind pipe, esophagus and his spine cord. All three had given him life once. All had been severed by the blade he'd tried to use on me.

I turned the head back around in my hands and placed it on the mount I'd bought in. It had been designed to have a deer head mounted on it's wooden frame, but since we didn't have one of those I'd make do with my brother's. I pulled his skin away from his neck and hefted up the nail gun I'd also dragged up with me. I nailed his skin to the wood in three places, then gazed at my work. It would do for now. I could look up how to treat his flesh to stay as pure as it was now and how to mount it more securely later.

I turned to his corpse, exchanging the nail gun for the blade as I stalked back to it. By now, his urine had dried on his pasty skin, making it shimmer slightly in the room's pale light. I returned to his side and sat down on my knees, digging the knife into his skin, just above his trail. Taking a deep breath I slide the knife through his skin and flesh, opening up his body as carefully as I could. It took awhile, but I soon had his chest cavity open and exposed for my curious eyes. Sadly, his ribs blocked any further actions, so I took it upon myself to remove them. Returned to the bed, coming back with a saw. It was only a regular handsaw, but I figured it would do the job. I was glad we had all these tools we'd never really needed before, they were coming in so useful. I removed about half of his ribs, the ones which blocked where my hands and knife needed to go, saving the rest to take from him later. I cast aside his bones, then gazed into the newly exposed areas of his body.

My knife quickly found his once beating heart.

I removed the soft organ with great care, serving it from each artery and vein which held it in place within his chest. I planted a soft kiss on the flesh, tasting his blood when I licked my lips afterward. I carried it to the bed, placing it alongside the head, then strode back to the body. I was impatient, my hard cock desperate to buried within him once more. I reached within him, moving his stomach aside as I grabbed his instestines and hacked through where they connected with his other organs. I tossed the long, bloodied piece of flesh at an empty area of the bed, watching it long enough to see it splat against a pillow before raising his legs in the air. His hole was slightly torn, with shit and blood surrounding it. I reached down with one hand, gathering up some of his shit and used it to coat my length, the soft substance mixing with my precum making me purr quietly. Moments later, unable to hold on any longer, I plunged my length deep within him. I groaned at the feeling, gripping onto his legs for support as I rammed into him. I lost all control of myself, my thrusts were quick, rough and erratic. If he were still alive he'd be screaming in pain and begging me to stop, his body would be writhing in a desperate attempt to escape my grasp. In my eyes I wasn't just screwing him. I was raping that hot thing that had sucked my cock, his piercings torn from his lips and blood coating his chin. It was one of my brother's musician friends, with his eyes torn out of his sockets and rolling around on the floor. It was some random boy I'd seen on the internet, his tongue pulled from his mouth, blood covering his pretty face. As my cock spasmed and shoot my load inside my brother I knew he'd only be the first person I'd tear apart.

I collapsed into his open chest, slowly starting to chew on the nearest piece of flesh to my mouth. I'd need a good meal in me before I could finish my decorations.
Tags: fic, gerard way, gerard way/mikey way, mikey way, my chemical romance, slash
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