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What To Do With The Dead

What To Do With The Dead
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Mikey/Gerard (for this part)
Notes: It's very AU and will have crossovers
Warnings: Necrophilia, death, goryness in future parts
Fandoms: MCR for now
Dedications: antontobias86 jockstrap_girl Emo!Tom courtesy of w0rds0fl0ve and khitlerbitch
This is posted here, cause of how the fic is. It's gonna be multi-fandom, so parts will be posted wherever they apply (mcflyslash, fightstarslash etc) but it'll always be done here and mcrslash

A few years ago me and my brother Gerard left New Jersey and came to England. It was Gerard's idea to come here, he figured it would be easier to get into music or something with his art here. Everyone back home tried to convince him that staying at home was best, maybe even moving to New York, but he wouldn't listen. So he packed up and left and I decided to go too. No one wanted him to go alone so I decided to go with him. After all New Jersey wasn't the safest of places, while England was much safer.

Over the course of our time here I came to realise something. I'd always known I was different, I had the feeling I was since childhood, but being here made me realise that I was gay. Of course I decided to make sure before I told anyone. I went online and read slash fanfiction and downloaded internet porn. Almost certain I was gay, I went to the nearest gay bar. The night led to my first gay experience: a rushed blow job in the toilets. I didn't know his name and he didn't know mine. All I remembered about him was he was some British emo kid with a blonde patch in his mostly black hair and an amazing-feeling snakebite.

After some thought I decided that I'd tell Gerard what I was. I figured he'd be all supportive-big brother. In fact, back home, there were rumours he was gay. Turns out we were all wrong.

"You're what?!" He yelled at me, his eyes bearing down on my seated form.

I whimpered and trembled slightly, gulping before I spoke. "I'm.. I'm gay Gee."

A growl escaped his lips and he shook his head. "You can't be fucking gay you're my little bro... you sick fuck! You've been watching me shower haven't you? You get off on me don't you? You disgusting pervert!" He was scaring me, something I never thought he could do. "I'll have to get you fixed... gods.."

"I don't want to be 'fixed' Gee. I'm gay, please, stop being like this..." I gazed at him as he paced the room, a look of angry concentration on his face.

"Stop it Mikey! Shut the fuck up!" He snapped angrily, stomping into the kitchen. He returned, seconds later, carving knife in hand. "Don't worry Mikey, I'll fix you myself." He approached me slowly, the knife glinting in the light. I didn't know what he planned to do, nor did I want to. I managed to stand up shakily, my entire body shivering. "Just stay there and I'll fix you."

But I didn't.

I stepped towards him and, as he tried to attack me with the knife, I grabbed his wrist before the knife hit me. Before I knew what had happened I'd twisted the knife around and plunged it into the base of his pale neck. The blood sprayed from he wound, coating my face and his shirt as he stumbled, collapsing to the floor. I backed away from him, as his blood spurted from the wound soaking into the carpet as well as his shirt. He was glaring at me, hate filling his eyes, his arms were flailing, trying to grab me. I circled his body and knew what I had to do. I knealt down and grabbed the handle of the knife and pushed it away from me, slashing through his throat. Once I'd started I couldn't stop, I kept on moving the blade until I'd sawn through his neck completely. His head seperated from his body and rolled across the floor slightly like a badly thrown bowling ball. Blood sprayed from his now still body, coating the carpet below.

It was only now that I realised what exactly had happened. I'd killed. I'd killed my brother. I murdered him. And, as I realised this, I also noted something else. The shakes I'd had were gone. But there was something more noticeable. I wasn't disgusted by what I'd done or by the sight and smell of my brother's corpse. In fact I was fully aroused by the sight, my hardness tenting in my pants. I reached down and undid the buttons of the shirt, pulling the material from his body, tossing it away. I gazed at his bare chest and lightly ran my hands over the rapidly cooling, still skin. I purred softly at the feeling, reaching down to unzip his fly. "I never thought of you before dear brother, but now you're cold and stained in blood... I want you." I pushed his pants and boxers down his legs, throwing them away when they reached his bare feet. I gazed at his crotch, really looking at it for the first time. His dick was soft, but looked smaller then mine was when flaccid, his large, low hanging balls hung between his legs, a forest of dark, curly pubic hairs covered the whole area. I unzipped my own flies, pulling out my hard, thick erection. I pushed my own pants down, kicking them away before moving between my dead brother's legs, pulling them apart eagerly. I then moved my arms under him, lifting him up onto the chair I'd vacated earlier and re-spread his legs, his tiny pucker revealed to me. I glanced over my shoulder to his head, making sure it was facing me before thrusting forward, pressing my head against the hole. I growled and thrust hard, pushing myself inside his tight asshole. I groaned his name in pleasure, tipping my head back. He felt so good around me, so insanely tight and warm yet cold at the same time. I pulled out slowly, then slammed back inside him, feeling his insides rip and tear around me, cooling blood coating my shaft. I gripped tightly onto his hips, digging my nails into his skin, knowing I was going to leave bruises. My eyes lidded in pleasure as I sped ever faster inside of him, feeling each thrust bring me closer to the edge. He felt so good around me, I knew I couldn't give this up. I growled his name, feeling his dead eyes on me as I arched my back and started shooting thick, sticky ropes of cum inside him. I fell on top of his cold body, my sweat making me slip beside him on the chair instead.

"You look... gorgeous..."

After a few minutes of panting and heavy breathing I stood, once again taking in the sight of my handiwork. After a few seconds, I turned and gazed at his head, giving it a dark smile. "But you could look better."
Tags: fic, gerard way, gerard way/mikey way, mikey way, my chemical romance, slash
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