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Just dice in your hand

Americans. They cause so much touble. They make the Playstation (which in turn made the PSP0. They dragged us into far too many of their conflicts, and now they cause terrorists to breathe down our necks. We should just withdraw our troops and let the Americans deal with the problems which they created. They took it upon themselves to cause these things, they should deal with them themselves. I'm sure the worlds most powerful country can do that on their own.

On alighter note, went to Cannock today. Got a book from Woolworths of all places and Mario kart DS. Baby now has a new DS, cause the preowned one was all scratched. Got Harvest Moon for the Cube, so I'll play that at somepoint soon.

Been playing the Kart all night (as the shop on Animal Crossing is being remodelled, so I can't do much) and have unlocked two characters. Played with baby and she's better then me at it..

At least Dir En Grey is secured off e-bay... well, I think it is. Had no confirmation e-mails that they're sending yet.

Not going to bed till fic is posted.

Why is there no good free Oriental boy porn?
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