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So good being home.. ish

The trip was long and oh, so annoying. I can;t be arsed to rant about. Got Worms DS, which annoys me for two reasons. It was in a 2 for £45 thing and I didn't notice till I paid (else I woulda got something else too) and two, the graphics suck. Oddly I still wanna keep it. I guess I could trade in at Gamestation in a few days though for Animal Crossing.

Resident Evil, on the other hand is brilliant. At first I thought, oh the graphics look so old and PS1y, but actually it's brilliant using the touch screen to hack and stuff is genius. Blowing heads off zombies=love. I've gotten further on it then I did on the cube one (though i did losse that so...)

Harry and Dougie are so so cute! No sign of humpage, but they're so adorable and squeaky and sleep together.

Baby's so smushy. It's weird having her here. In a good way though. Though she did see Janeyfers boobs while snooping

I've lost my last Will And Grace boxset which makes me :( and all my dvds are messy as I've had to reshelve them about. Plus I've lost Galactic Battlegrounds... again.

Gotta put new mag posters up, plus ones that have fallen in my absence.

Aol keeps screwing up whenever I'm uploading tonight, I've tried to e-mail Zazzie Brigade 4 times and it kills Aol :( Try tommorrow.

Creatures 3 is weird so is Civilization 3 which won't work on old comp. :(

HMV is really.. doing Dir En Grey all at once. I went on the site to check the album cover and they have 2 albums and a tur dvd out THE SAME DAY. Monday. So I shall try and get all.

Shall be reading posts and stuff more now, so if anything I've missed...

Fics that need doing;
So I Told You With A Smile
What To Do With The Dead
(Untitled Dougie/Jazzie/Sawa fic)
(Untitled Omar/Naoto fic)

Edit: The Llama Song was on the BBC!!!!!

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