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Rip your throat out

At 9.50 in the morning, I'm leaving for home. But it won't be alone as first thought, baby will be coming with.

Several, slightly random thigns.

Aaron from V is gay (but we all knew that)
Lily Allen is a bitch that just insults everyone
Who the hell are the Click Five, I remember someone mentioning them but dunno who :[
Attitude is always hot
Sonic is hot
Resident Evil DS is annoying... cause the blood goes green. THEY'RE HUMAN ZOMBIES NOT VULCANS! How much did they pay the actors?
Getting Panic!'s single and Worms DS tommorrow at Victoria
As well as Sushi
Speaking of my DS, it's now decked out with a perdy Triforce thanks to Nintendo Magazine
Got new earphones and Episode 3 activity center
Fiunal Destination Trilogy is good, watching it backwards, oddly, doesn't confuse at all
Cheap Pepsi is good... all pepsi is good
Buying magazines just for a pair of posters is not good..
Then again, buying one to rip out nude Brigade isn't either
I want more Doctor Who stickers
And Pokemon cards
Doctor Who's being repeated on BBC3.. from series 1
Wrongness is love
Being mostly packed is good
James, stop alienating your fans
I still need to see Torchwood trailer

That is all
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