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Correctomundo: a word I've never used before and hopefully never will again

Didn't sleep till 3 last night.

Today we went to London. It turned out to be for nothing.

We went to the massive HMV, cause I thought that's where we needed to go. So we spent an hour there and I spent most of my money there.

Things I got:
*Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy (Film) cause I really want to see it. I thought the TV series was brilliant
*Bullet For My Valentine - The Poison (Re-Release) cause I needed it and for the dvd
*Thursday - A City By The Light Divided cause I heard 30 second clips and thought it was good (which it is)
*Wicked Wisdom - Bleed All Over Me cause it sounded good on T4
*Most Haunted Series 1 cause it was cheap and I need something for mum
*The Island see above
*Spaceballs 2 discs cause it's funneh
*Land Of The Dead cause zombies=love (baby had to pick that, it was either that My Own Private Idaho or Battlestar Galactica)

Sob the spend £30 for £5 voucher thing is over though:(

So... went down road, eaten in Macdonalds, got to right HMV and theyre was a barrier so we couldn't get anything signed. :( So we spent awhile wondering around in case it went down.

Got AFI's Sing The Sorrow (where have I heard Girl's Not Grey?) which was £8.

Saw Knights Of The Old Republic at last... but had no money. Oh wells.

I still want a cyberman standee.

Writing tonight. Hate heat. Blah blah blah

Edit: Lotsa HOG's too < 333

Edit 2: YAY! Yvonne from Doctor Who is gonna be in Torchwood
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