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Are you brain dead?

Why am I up at some ungodly hour? Some outside alarm thing woke me up.

I hate baby's dad, he's an asshole. I'm sure they're not even biologically related. I could rant, yet I won't.

G-P0's gone home, safe trip

Got yet more Pokemon cards yesterday. And holes put in my new MCR belt

The mouse dieded :(

Found a huge dragonfly in the middle of the road, about as big as my thumb. So pretty, it hung on my finger. Sadly, it died too:(

Need to edit info at some point...

Whenever I get inspired it's either when I'm far from comp, someone else is on, or when her evil dad is down here.

Baby might be coming with me home with me. Yay!

Too lazy to do a big post so that's it.

Oh, and who's the idiot sayiing Tom died?
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