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Tom's the blonde one!

I now have a guinea pig called Harry. Mum tried to call him Tom, so I had to explain that Tom was blonde and not brown-haired like the guinea pig is. It's a baby one so it's gonna be cuteee.

Tonight=animal central. Baby found a mouse that she thought might be dead, but it was breathing. So we've moved it into the greenhouse and hope he's ok and not poisioned.

She found a grasshoppery thing, which I caught, thusly beating the grasshoppers/crickets that taunt me.

I hate Lily Allen.

Apparently the Kylie tickets sold out in minutes. Not surprised.

Pete Doherty is actually cute and sounds good.

G-A-Y tommorrow, not goin till afternoion though.

I'm inspired so am writing.

Edit: Doctor Who games =addicting
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