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That bird who got electrocuted

Last night was... mmm ;)


Today we ventured to Bluewater. Got Kerrang before we went causa perdy Ian and AFI. Cute Ilan asleep. < 3

In Sevenoaks saw a radio controlled Dalek and Doctor with K-9. I wanttt

At Bluewater (after hours of waiting/travelling) we went to the Lego Shop. That place has made the list. Why? It has the Sail Barge on display in a glass thing (so i could see the prettyness) but when I asked about it they HAD NONE AND IT WAS SO CHEAP I COULDA GOT IT! ARGH!!! I'm now getting it myself when i see it, mum can get me the Star Destroyer for my birthday.

Saw Just My Luck. Lohan. Cannot. Act. She's the worst actress ever. Chris Pine is hot (Harry soo did him) and the bits with Mcfly were easily the best. They're so brilliant. Perv Danny, laughing at Lohan, Harry and his drumsticks! Harry=love love love!

After that we went around the place. I got a Doctor Who fig from John Lewis, Jedi Healer I and II and Labrinyth Of Evil from Waterstones

Got all three Bullet singles, then went to Yo! Sushi.

I swear I can eat my entire body weight in it. I had like 7 plates and coulda ate more. Dreamysigh

Got a Doctor Who sticker book and 6 packs of stickers. Captain Jack=sex.

Loads of hot guys. LOADS.

At Emily's now and THE BOOOK IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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