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Can I break his neck now, master? It's been a long time fantasy of mine...

It's oh so quiet.. so I'm putting on music.

No book or Kit yet, just ordered Creatures games cause I've been on baby's and it's love. I keep injecting Gendals with cyanide.

Yesterday was shop (I hate baby's grump dad, he's so preferential) and the Chinese State Circus. I love the cirus, it's fin. Got one of thee dragons.

I lack inspiration, I was going to fic yesterday but didn't sigh. Today was meant to be Bluewater but we didn't go.

Took baby to doctors to make appointment then to Sevenoaks we went. I got a bit and we didn't even go near Lorimers. I got: Simon Webbe's album, U Make Me Wanna DVD, Mark Owen's album, Doctor Who series 2 Volume 2 and a Doctor Who magazine thing and book. I'm not obsessed, honest. *shifty eyes*

I think Doctor Who is filling a lot of voids right now. Farscape, Buffy, The X-Files, Star Trek, all gone. So now the Who is the not-so new obsession.

I'm sure there's somethign I'm missing but... it's lost on me.
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