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Delete, delete, delete

Went to Bromley today. Although I spent a very short time in the sci-fi shop I spent A LOT.

I got:

Deluxe Crab Droid
Clone Commander Cody ( which I really wanted)
Chopper Droid
Foul Moudama
Firespeeder Pilot
2 Champions Of The Force Booster Packs
4 single Pokemon card packs
Doctor Who Top Trumps

1 of the packs set off all the alarms till I got rid of the tag.

Went to TK Max and got a Deluxe Palpatine, then we wondered round the town.

Got Kerrang and Rock Sound (seperately). Almost got Harvest Moon GBC but they didn't have the game. Got Simpsons Christmas 2 preowned and Ghost In The Shell (which was missing it's inside).

Got both Lacuna Singles (a bitch to open though) and the latest Doctor Who causa the Cybermen. I want the Cybermen standee thing at Woolworths

Short post really, but I'm semi-sleepish and eh and.. odd.
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