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The rum is gone!

Went to town today, got loadsa Pokemon cards and a Star Wars fig (Tarrful). I think I have a problem with Pokemon cards. I bought 3 boxes and wanted to go back for more :[ Some new ones are so shiny!

Got A Tale Of Two Sisters, cause it's meant to be creepy.

The new Doctor Who is out, with le Cybermen. May get tommorrow.

Went round Knole Park today and perdy deers came sooo close! I've never seen them up close before and today I touched them! I suck at catching grasshoppers.

Seen Pirates cause we had time to kill. Apart from annoying kids it was brilliant! I loved it. Captain Jack is soo funny/hot/gay (it's law for all Jack's to be gay/bi methinks). I hate hate hate Keira for cuffing him.

It had a very Episode V like ending which annoyed baby but I loved < 3

Watched the Enterprise Borg ep. Trip is sex.

Kit's starfighter is loveeeeeee. I hope there's a pilot Kit

I need to write more very soon. After Bromley
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