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4am forever

Mini-rant to start the post.

Vfygdfdgff bloody Doctor Who! if it wasn't for it's brilliance I'd have gone to Saturday's Lostprophets gig: where a certain Harry and Dougie were. Gah! I coulda stalked Harry all night fgfdgfddfjdf damn you Who!

So not only would I have seen the brilliance of Lostprophets, but I woulda stalked one of the hottest guys ever and watch him make out with Dougie perv on his arse.


End rant

Yesterday me and baby went to shop and her bastard dad made her upset. I hate him. We ended up walking home, so we went in Blockbuster (where I got Ring Of Darkness) and to a lake thing. There, there were cute ickle ducklings and big scarry geese that thought it would be fun to surround me while I fed them. Sob I thought they'd attack me.

On the way back we got sushi and mini milks (which are loves).

We watched Saw and Saw 2 last night (even though I dazed during the latter) but then I was wired so I watched Ring Of Darkness. I'm glad it was only £1.99. It has hot topless guys and a really sexy oriental but it's a bit.. blah. Other then the bondage and toplessness and (maybe) one of the songs it was a bit blah. Especially that girl with the fucked up nose.

Had a dream about Velocoraptors. I blame baby.

Weeeee the book is on it's way.

Today we're going to Sevenoaks (so Choices, Lorimers and a park place) and tommorrow is BROMLEY WHICH IS LOVE!!!!!

Edit: I love this droid

Edit 2: Bullet signing for the re-release album at London! Yay! *is goin, even though I've seen them once beforeg* The new album has a dvd. Matt's hot.

Mcflea, put on another signing date!
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