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Pest control

Been gone for days, so here's the past few days.


Baby kept forgetting things, which turned out to be brilliant cause KIT HAS FINALLY COME! I've had him in my pocket/bag since I got him. He's not left my side the whole trip. Opened Padme but left Obi vs guard till now.

Got there ok, we caught all the right trains but had to use the bloody underground. The hotel was tiny and crap but at least it had a tv and a nearby Mcdonalds.


Went to Camden which is brilliant. Got lotsa yummy sushi and went all over. I bought 1 MCR badge and if we hadn't gone in one shop that would've been all I'd got. We went into a shop next to the Stars and Straps place and THEY HAD THE MCR BAG OF LOVENESS!!!!!! Wooo! It's mine now. Like Kit, it's never left my side.

Got two tee's a Bullet one and a too tight and very small Panic! one.

Got It's Hot causa Mcfly. Two hot posters in.

Went to see Fearless but it was £11 a ticket. Fuck. I hate that. So did baby. I left rubbish in there and feel no guilt at all. Trailers mean I wanna see Lady In The Water and, especially, Stormbreaker. Fearless was gfoood, I liked and understood it.

London has a lota HOG's (Hot Oriental Guys) and HOOG's (Hot Oriental Omar Guys).


Got lost in London. Got a Fightstar poster. Got Pokemon The 3rd Movie and Pokemon Chronicles Volume 4 from HMV. Got sushi from Yo! Sushi, went in Ann Summers. Got lost again. And again. Sigh.

Got Pepsi and Cosmo Girl.

Doctor Who is < 333333 Rose has finally pissed off. And the Daleks vs Cybermen... no contest really. I love how they put the cybermen down. It made me laugh. I find it odd the Yvonne's conciousness managed to survive but I loved it. Doctor=adorable. Rose is sealed in the Parallel Universe and so is her mum and gay Mickey. The bride's appearence made me giggle too.

I think the daleks/cybermen will be back, they may be sealed in the void but they got out once and could do it again.

Want Torchwood on now.

Outta the three nights I liked this one best.


Baby got me a brilliant lip ring like Miyavi's < 3333 But I have no idea how to take mine off...

Got some more badges and Metal Hammer. Found out no one has the book I want. Wibbled. Wib bled again at finding it on amazon and not being able to send it here. Sigh.

I wanan get all of Lacuna's back catalogue.

Yay for poyntercestness!

Edit: < 333333333 Emily's dad for letting me get
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