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Not a reptile

Can't remember much about yesterday *is dim* :[ Watching stuff as usual, went to Sevenoaks and got a Dooku Vs Anakin Battle Arena for £10. I dun like baby's dad

Still no sign of Kit :(

Today, got Mace Vs Sidious Battle Arena, a Pokemon card trainer thing (I'm collecting them again cause of it < 3 and a Mr Burns Simpsons card thingy.

Seen Over The Hedge, which was tres amusing. < 33

Went to a few places, Choices, Woolworths, Smiths. From Choices I got The Spiral, which is £19.99 everywhere but I got it for £3.99 :D From Smiths I got Rock Sound with a MCR poster of sex and a Star Trek Borg boxset.

Went to Tesco and got stuff, most importantly Kerrang with it's Padge and Tom posters, and MCR LP and others.

Watched My Little Eye today, tis inspiring.

How good is The L Word.

I wrote some of Getting off today, but not much.

Weird talks tonight

Tommorrow=seeing G-P0 and going to London for a few days so I won't be on.
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