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My little world

Bra's are weird.

Harry + Max was good, though the heat sent me half asleep so I missed some :[ Watched the end of Red Dragon which is good and Blink which was :( cause at the end they say they love each other and stuff and now.. they don't talk.

Futurama is love

America is big and confusing.

Poyntercest has more members :D (at last check 12) which means more converts.

I love this song more then is normal. I wish their tour wasn't in Birmingham on a Sunday :(

It's still hot

Ronaldo is hot

I wanna find another challenge thng (like 7 sins) to sign up for Omar, Poyntercest and Waycest *pooks people to find before looking*

Goin up town today so yay Star Warsness!

Edit: Yay Captain Jack'll be in Series 3 of Doctor Who D

Also this, the logo of Black Sun, will be my first tatt on my left arm.
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