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In your arms

It's so bloody hot. I hate the heat. It's evil. Thnak gods for ice cubes, ice cream and freezers.

Harry and Max came today. Huzzah! Watching it later methinks.

Still no sign of Kit :( Where the fuck is he? It was the first set of things I ordered, yet it's still not here...

Read more of Rise Of Darth Vader. At chapter 5 now and I love it (blood, decapitation, explosions, what's not to love?). However the clones have got the Order 66 (only just) and it seems only commanders are aware of the order. Troopers, commandos and others don't seem to know about it.

Fics are on baby's comp, so I can write whenever.

Hope there'll be a Mcfly signing in London.

More to say.. but can't think.
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