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Is away

I'm here! Huzah!

Yesterday was far to hot and I spent so much :[ In Birmingham I got Lacuna Coil's Karmacode and The EP's, as well as Doctor Who Series 1 part 4. I got two magazines (one for baby and one for me cause hee.. Ian. The trip to London was so hot and most of it was spent talking to baby. I got inspired in between calls but alas, had no pen/pencil.

At Victoria I missed the train by 1 minute. How fucky is that?

So I had to go to the door-things and get let out by one of the guys (who asked if I was a vamp) so I could get food. I got two sushi boxes from Yo!Sushi (though had forgot the 50% off thing :{) then went to Smiths to get more pepsi, but they had a buy one get one half price thing on books, so I ended up buying Dark Lord: The Rise Of Darth Vader and The Swarm War I (Though I'd have prefered a Clone Wars era book but.. I really wanted Vader). I started reading Vader on the train and so far it's goood.

I got here at 6:10, got a hugglesmush from baby and then came here. We read magazines, drank pepsi, I opened my figures < 33 then had sushi while watching Doctor Who.

Rose is going to die! :D Torchwood!

When are people going to learn? Alien spheres=evil. Leave them the fuck alone (this is at least the third time I've seen an evil alien sphere coming to Earth. Other evil spheres being the Borg sphere and the Death Star's). If it's a sphere, it's evil.

I had a feeling the sphere wasn't to do with the cybermen, then it clicked it'd be the daleks just before they came on.

I love Torchwood, they wanna make us an Empire again and I'm all for that. Of course the problem with Empire's (not that some are evil and some aren't) is that it's difficult to control are large area from one place (Rome in the Roman Empire, Coruscant in Star Wars) and thusly it becomes either too central focused (the Star Wars galaxy had all of itself focused on the core systems so there was slavery and other illegal activity on the rim) or not focused enough and it ends up folding on itself. Or the civilians rebel.

Anyway... I loved it and yay for Mickey being back (and Jake next week) and yay for the dalek/cybermen fight. Did anyone really believe the daleks were gone?

Also yay for Torchwood for being in plain sight.

Sadly I doubt Jack will be in next weeks, primarily cause (from Doctor Who Confidential) he's based in Cardiff. I'm so glad I watched that cause he was in it and there's previews. I want it on now.

The night was spent finishing turtles and Lego Star Wars, watching Futurama and Blink. < 333333

I want every drummer. There's not a single drummer I've seen that's not hot (Harry, Omar, Travis, Ilan, Bob). Tom is a topless, wanking whore.

I love my baby, she's so cuddly. We didn't sleep till 4ish, just like the last first day I was here.

Scamps is loverly < 333333333

That was a scarily long post... meek

Edit: Matt's in another gay mag... mmmmmm a sign?
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