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He thinks his family's from Scotland

Lostprophets were on last night, a thing that I thought was one tonight. Ian is sex and must always wear at least one item of white clothing. Of course, like last night, sometimes it's ALL white clothing, which means he gets dirty easily.

All the good shows are finishing now. Last week: Desperate Housewives. This week: House. Next week: Doctor Who. Sigh.

Had another long call to baby I'm not obsessed with Delonge dismembering Tommorrow I'll be on my way.

Today will be spent packing, later. I have to pack: clothes, dvds, games, the device, wires. Have to sort out what dvds to take and I'm transferring all my fics (in the morning) to the device so I can write down there.

So Harry snogged Lohan and fumbled. This tells me several things.
1: One, or both of them were drunk.
2: Harry thought it was Dougie cross-dressing.. then he felt it was a she and ran away

Simple as that.
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