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Tear the sun from your skies

Today I saw Lostprophets.

I left earlier, got Kerrang and read it on the bus (I blame it saying Lostprophets were on the front, but they weren't in much.

At Birmingham I went through to the Bullring, looked in Music Zone and The Entertainer then outside. Cause a van was in the way, I thought I was alright for time so went through Waterstones (ogglin Star Wars as I did and up into HMV to check for flyers. They had none. And when I got downstairs I found out why.

The queue was already to Marks and Spencers! Now, that never happesuntil closer to the actual signing starts. This was at 3:10. The signing didn't start till 5. So I joined the end of the queue. The security guards were saying there was at least 300 in front of me.

Of course in that almost 2 hours the usual happened. Old ladies asked what was going on. People got through the queue. People joined. By 5 the queue was past the Mcdonalds (which is very very far, no queue has ever come close to that far before).

So naturally the 1 item per person rule was used. I got some good pics, but the band knew Ian was the main reason people were there. He asked how I was and said hi, and, after fumbling, I shook his hand. A hand that has been in contact with Gerard. That's like.. woah.

Pics later of the prettyness and poor Ilah didn't have a special place to sign (the rest were under their pics). Poor fro-y.

Went to Yo!sushi cause I missed the train and got a sushi box which was very yum for only £2.25! Plus, the Lego shop has the Imperial Star Destroyer but not the Sail Barge.



Edit: Things I forgot:
*Cute Oriental behind me all the time
*HOT oriental's in white ahead
*Seen mag baby needs
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