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Heart out

Today was shopping, which was blah. Cept I got both Lostprophets singles and yoinked the Sneak pete pooster... mmmm. Means I still have a fiver for tomorrow.

I just realised today that in 8 days I won't be here. And in that time I've stuff to do:
*Blood donaring (today) that is if I loss my woozyness that I feel now Definately not going
*Stupid Uni open day (tomorrow) but it means I can hunt for Legacy #1 and Kit
*Pack Janeyfer's things, to be sent on Monday
*Stupid dinner at nan's as always (Sunday)
*Finishing Mcporno (3-5 more parts to go on that) by Friday
*Do at least two more kinkyways fic's: especially sparklyfiend's
*Go to Birmingham and see Lostprophets as well as get their album (Wednesday)
*Get grandad to give money
*Pack stuff (Friday)

El sig.

I've never wanted a Star Wars comic series (bar Infinities, which I can enevr find) as much as I want Legacy. Janeyfer's sending me Legacy #0, so I' m gonna find #1 tomorrow.

I have a feeling I'll come back from this trip with lots more Star Wars then when I left... just liek last time then.

Edit: The internet is < 3 cause I made a Star Wars order and it's half the price it would be if I found them offline :D
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