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On my own

Things done today:
*20 words to Mcporno, if that
*Converter someone to Poyntercest
*Watched discs 4 and 5 of Will And Grace
*Feeling insanely weird all day
*Returning back to the Blue slash forum and rping there
*Going on Jedi Power Battles: and still not getting past level one
*Hiding in bed
*Drinking the new pepsi and eating pizza
*Voting in the Kerrang awards: mostly for MCR and Fightstar
*Not being able to find a good, un-tagged Poyntercest pic to iconise
*Realising I'm eating less and less... again
*Entering a comp to go to the Just My Luck premier
*Finding out mum's ordered tickets for Robbie... for September 19th
*Mcfly adding extra dates... except to the venue I'm nearest to
*Deciding to stay away until I've got fic to post
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