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Don't close your eyes you won't wake up

Last night the bus ticket for the 1st was sorted, but I feel really uncomfortable about it... not the going part, just the... sorting part... I felt really bad asking, even though i rememebr him saying he'd help out with it.

Kerrang's a bit.. eh though it has stickers, a pic of Fightstar and Panic! and got the lostprophets album 5 K's... which doesn't really happen that much. Next week AFI poster with perdy Jade.

I want this

After posting on bustedslash, burning the amazon packages and watching the third Will And grace disc I went to bed. I only meant to lay down a bit, rest my back, then come back, but instead I fell asleep.

And had an insanely vivid dream that I thought was real. Basically, something had happened and mum was dead. Meaning I was an insane wreck and unable to think clearly and with my family, an uncle that doesn't care, a nan that has no fucking clue what's happening around her and a grandad that has to put up with her 24/7 I had no one. I know all I wanted was baby her to hold me. By the end of dream (after the scattering of the ashes) I'd made a decision: that I was leaving her and using all the money that I was left, move.

Then I woke up and there she was. I think it's the first time in months we actually, properly hugged and I refused to let go for at least 5 minutes.
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