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Get them

Happy birthday Kat < 3! *sings hapy birthday*

I didn't write last night, instead, I went to bed and tried Jedi Power Battles. This is the third time I've played a game that starts on the Saak'ak (Trade Federation Battleship) and out of the three it's the second most annoying. The only one more sannoying was Episode I and that's cause it was a PC game (I hate hate hate 1st or 3rd person games on the PC, which is why I'm so glad Zelda is always a console game). I played as Plo Koon (the only alien Jedi there was) and ended up dying at the same place 4 times! I kept missing the jump and falling. So when I got to the boss, I only had one life so itkilled me. Stupid game. However, the graphics are brilliant for a game as old as it is.

Anyway, I've had a veryyyy long sleep. Gah. Damn too comfy bed.

I shall write now, drink the last pepsi and... fuck knows what else.

TOTP is being cancelled ;(

Reasons why I love Doctor Who

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