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Dear interweb

*Stop reminding me that I think Dougie and his sister have a thing....
*Start spitting out more Please Please caps

Dear LJ:
*Let us have more freakin icons!

Dear Mcfly;
*Come out already!
*And give us the X-rated Please Please video!

Dear Dougie:
*Stop shagging your sister
*Your obsession with the Delonge is so obvious, just do him already

Dear T4:
*Hollyoaks is boring. And crap.
*Put T4 on the beach on

Dear Star Wars Demolition:
*In tournment mode stop putting Quagga (the biggest and slowest) against Aurra Sing, Boba Fett and Wittin (the three smallest and fastest) ALL IN ONE GO! IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!

*thinks that's it*

Edit: Why didn't I know Matt's gonna be on T4 on the beach?
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