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Did it hurt?

So, today was the Dunky signing.

Birmingham has proven very annoying. I've only had £20 today (£10 for the album) and I've seen the following;
*Brigade's album (which was no where last week so I ordered it off Amazon)
*the Star Wars Minitures AT-AT (which is knee height and perdy.. and only £10)
*Various Blink 182 albums
*Lostprophets wallet (for £10)
*Episodes I and II in a set... for only £12
*And, perhaps prettyest of all, an MCR belt... mmmmm for £15

We went straight to HMV, where the album was a rip-off £15! But you didn't need a wristband or anything so I got it from Music Zone for £10. Had a donut from Selfridges which was yum!

Went to Gamestation, where I spent £5 on two PS1 games in the retro buy one get one free:
*Episode I Jedi Power Battles
*Star Wars Demolition

Both are two player < 3

It seems I will be goin on Thursday to get grandad whiskey.. .sigh.

So then we joined the queue and after an hour and a half, met Duncan. He asked the standard 'Hi, how are yu?' like Lee did, then asked the question oh-so many people have asked: 'Did it hurt?' It took a second to register that he was on about my lip ring! When I said they numbed it he made a cute lil' face < 3He's so nice and signed the singles to me and I got a pic with hm (which'll be up later/tommorrow)

Went to Waterstones on the way back and got a Rebel Storm miniature pack... with a Wampa :D
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