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The more star systems will slip through your fingers

I've been wired recently, which means no sleep. Which means going on th ePC and attempting to place Empire At War. And it's been working!

It worked for 4ish hours last night with no crashes (I came off at 3;30) and today it's done the same. I'm on a Galactic Conquest thing as the Rebellion and have pretty much won. I've killed the Emperor twice, got control of Coruscant and fleets over every planet. All I need is to invade 15ish planets and I've won. yay me!

England's won so morale should be up in general.

I had a dream last night that I blame on baybee and still have blockie.

It's still hot.

Butttt apparently Mcfly are NAKED in thee next video. *added yayness*

Since when has there been a Birmingham in Warwickshire?
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