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Roses by the stairs

I recorded Judd last night, haven't watched yet.

Today has been hot. I hate this heat. I hate Asda for not having bean wraps or marshmellow fluff. I hate thte world cup for clogging everywhere with it's crap (flags, singles, tv.. that fucking frog).

I hate block for not letting me write.

I hate college for being insanely patronising.

I hate Link for not being real. And Zelda for being out on WII.

I hate Darth Vader for being the only figure I can find.

I hate amazon for not sending my stuff and needing me to revise my order.

I hate having dom!Delonge in my head with no one to pair him with.

Good things about today: Getting the Panic! poster from Kerrang, black nail polish and a pair of knee high fishnets.
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