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Was your trip productive?

Today has been filled with squeeishness.

I went to the Fightstar signing in Birmingham. But more on that later. I did most of the things I intended to do. And got other things I didn't expect. So I consider today a success. Better actually.

I went, first to HMV where I got the two Fightstar single cds, both of Duncan's and Matt's for Janeyfer.

Then I headed to the Bullring, where I looked in The ENtertainer and Music Zone, then Gamestation which is overpriced on old PS1 games.

I went to the Academy and got my Fightstar ticket for the day before my birthday :D

I journeyed to Forbidden Planet and spent awhile there. There was MCR figures but only Ray and Bob.. but loads of them :( Poor boys. I looked through the figs (including ones so new I didn't know they were out) but didn't find a Kit. I got an R2 though.

AFter that I went to Argos and got a Darth Vader fig, then off again. I searched high and low for Brigade's album... but couldn't find it anywhere :( No Mcfly bands either... but I got the Hazy Eyes LP.

Japanese Emo's are hot.

I went to Waterstones and they had Poppy Z Brite (who is perhaps the best writer I ever read) so I got Self Made Man which is a collection of short stories (I've only read the title one which has inspired me).

I got Pepsi and Kerrang then joined the line. I only saw.. her once. And it was short so..

At about 5 we were all let inside and we all managed to fit for the set (a really hot red-shirted emo was setting up for them). They played Palahniuk's Laughter, (something else I think Waste A Moment or Target) and Hazy Eyes. By they i mean Charlie and Alex. Dan and Omar were up top. Omar was squealing over the games (I'm fairly sure it was Resident Evil; Outbreak.. I swear I love him more) and Dan was just leaning on the rail, pining after Charlie. I got lots of Omar and Dan pics cause no one was in the way of them :P But they were so cute and Dan's smile...

The best bit of the set? When something fell off Charlie's guitar (I can't rememeebr what it was) just before Hazy Eyes and he said HMV was 'fucking cheap'. < 3 They went for a break, then returned to sign things.

I still dislike Alex for some reason. It's very unfathoable. I took mosta my poics which I'll post later) at the signing table. I said thanks to Charlie, who was (bless him) very confused causa all the things people had put on the table.

I got both singles, the LP, the EP and it's insert signed. I gave my poster but one of them didn't sign (I dunno who but one sig is missing.. or maybe it's hard to see). I forgot I gave them a flyer to sign ;[

Omar andd Dan=loverly. So is Charlie. Omar's grown his hair. so Dan can tug on it during sex

After I went back to the Bullring, where I got an Utapau Shadow Trooper from The Entertainer (for £8, in FP it was at least £15 :D) and went to Music Zone. From Music Zone I got a proper gay porn film! iIt was in the over 18 thing and everything! it's called Lad's At Play and has a nipple ring and what looks like an orgyish thing in it. It's 2 hours long and was only £10. God's bless Music Zone!

Yo!sushi was just cucumber :(

I got black nail polish and Mark's sushi at the station. Moolie is odd.

End of post :P
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