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Smarter than this?

Who the fuck came up with that 6/6/06 bash an emo thing? Whoever it is I demand to be let at them with needles.

Anyway... onto today.

Well it hasn't exactly gone to plan. I was going to go to Cannock to see how much tatt'd be but... I have no fucking clue where my bus pass is :/ Sob I have no clue where it is... it might still be with baybee :[

It means I might have to go by train tommorrow, which I dun mind too much cause it's quicker. And it's £4 which isn't too bad really.

I'll be going to Entertainer, Forbidden Planet and maybe Yo! Sushi tommorrow. If there's still tickets I'll get one. Of course the most important thing is seeing Fightstar which'll be yaysome.

Last night I was able to finish a campaign on Empire At War WITH NO CRASHING! Hurrah for me!

TOTP last night is love cause Lostprophets were on and Ian is sex.

Mcfly are on next week... PERFORMING!
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