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57 Seconds

.. is how long Omar can hold his breath underwater.

Ah the way that info sent my mind working.

Brief thing over yesterday (cause I'm lazy like that):
*Leaving Emily=sadness
*Bags are heavy
*The London Underground is evil
*It also smells of sweat
*The sun is disturbing
*Rickey and Jake (from the Doctor Who the other week) are so gay ("Let's go to Paris together!")
*I hate England
*I miss baybee
*I also hate teenie emos and the box office at Birmingham being closed
*Cause I want Fightstar tickets
*The new comp is shiny
*And cool
*But took all last night to setup
*So no net till today
*Which makes me sad
*Kitty Tom is love
*Mum kept talking during Doctor Who
*I still haven't typed up what I have of Matt fic

Onto today:
*Family like Emily
*New puppys are tiny love
*Heat is not
*Forces Of Corruption looks brilliance

And I'm done.

Apart from I'm going to Cannock tommorrow, so I'm checking how much tattoo will be.. might get.
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