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Seems like I have no less then 4 signings this month. All at Birmingham's HMV.

6th: Fightstar
13th: Duncan James
28th: Lostprophets

I swear I squealled when I found out Lostprophets were doing a signing. It's so great. Tommorrow I'm checking for Fightstar tour tickets cause I wanna go.

I saw Saturdays Doctor Who the other night and squeed at that too cause Kylie was mentioned. I squee too much.

Yesterday was just shop really, and playing Turtles/watching Insomniac's Nightmare. And I finally watched an X-File with baybee :D I think she liked.

Today we went into Sevenoaks where I got a few things.

From the British Heart Foundation Shop: Stargate Vol 45 (for £2.99 but I know I'll understand fuck all on it)
From Lorimer's: C-3P0, Blue Senate Guard and Super Battle Droid Figures (Personally the guard is best, SBD can't stand at all)
From Choices: Ewoks animated dvd (which I wanted since I seen it there first time I went in), Natalie Imbrulia - White Lilies Island, Puddle Of Mudd - Come Clean, a badge (saying you will hate my music)

We seen the Da Vinci Code which was good and really weird. I can't really do any kind of review thing without spoiling it so.. it was goood.

We saw and fed ducks too!

Eating a bean thing from Tesco which is yummeh.

Baybee may be coming with me tommorrow! YAY!
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