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I hate baby's dad. He's evil.

Last night I watched House Of Flying Daggers, which was good. Hero confused me.

Today was... it was weird. I was up at 7:20. I thought my DS's clock was out but then I turned on the tv.

Tesco had sushi today. And Kerrang (which is sex and love). And doritos.

Most of the day's been spent in the bedroom, watching Back To The Future (where I was all eee Mcfly, ohhh D Jones) and on turtles.

Then dinner came. Stupidly I went down to get it and her evil bastard aad basically told me to be gone by the weekend. It's the way he said it too. We both left with no appertite, so we ended up not eating. Baby's been all crying and upset about it.

I am too, but I... I dunno if I can show it. It's hard for me to ever cry in front of people, so it might be at night.

I knew I'd be going soon anyway, but I don't like being told to go (it's part of the reason I'm still here), so.. yeah.

Tommorrow's shop, which'll be crap, but at least it'll be some money. We're hoping to get our vials filled at the hospital.

Friday... I dunno what we're doing. There's a few things that we have to do before I leave, like watch Doctor Who and sleep in the same bed. I'm sure there's more... but my head is crap.

Definately will hold off packing till then, even though I'll need an extra bag (for Star Wars figures, Kerrangs, CD's/DVD's, PS 1 and all the other stuff...).

Baby's cooking cookie's... mmmmm

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