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Invisible Hand

Today we went to Bromley. The sci-fi shop is LOVE!!! Gods I coulda lived there the amount of Star Wars they had! They even had stuff from when I was small and it reminded me of what some collectors say: going into a sci-fi shop makes you feel like a kid again. I swear I touched every Star Wars thing there was! No Kit sadly, but it was all < 3

I didn't buy anything after spending about half an hour there, but when we went back later I got a General Grievous and a Lushros Dofine. One had a Darth Maul holo and one had a Vader one. Grievous = not best stander so I'm glad he has a base.

We went around everywhere, got yummeh sushi from M and S, got Idiot Pilot and Ringu from Virgin. Plus I got Danny's band thing D Baby got Doug's and Tom's too. Doug's is perdy.

Went to Ottakar's and SQUEE! An MCR book I've never seen or even heard of. It's red and perdy and *strokes it* Mikey= hot and perving on his brother.

Baybee got 'something' from Ann Summers.

I got Soul Calibur from Game (but saw it for a fiver less later). It has Link who is sexxx!

The buses are bastards cause we waited for an hour and a half for one to come. Grrr

Baybee wants a Grievous/Kit fic. I think she's odd :P

*drinks Pepsi and writes porn*
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