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Morning light

Today=travelling to Guildford to meet Mister Willis.

Pre-signing=getting Kerrang (and drooling over Ian and Quinn), getting Resident Evil 3 for PS1 (for £2.97 :D), getting Gravitation (and Exquisite Corpse for angel), eating yummeh sushi and oggling oriental guys that are EVERYWHERE! D

Bad thing: mum called and was annoying.


We got there early so we were fairly good in the queue. It was Emily's first signing but I think I was a tad more hyper. There weren't scary teenies like at SOD which was good. I didn't notice Matt was there till I saw him. I sung Up All Night a lot.


He's perdy. And had a pink scarf thing.

And posed for pics

And I said hi and he smiled and said hi back!


Angel has took pics and scanned what we signed which I'll yoink later (cause I'm lazy).

We almost didn't get back due to bloody trains. I hates them but eeee Matt Matt Matt!

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