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And we all fall down

Random I love yous are love.

Last night was weird and amazing and... dreamysigh

I will kill anyone that tries to hurt my baby and stab them in the eye with forks.

Yesterday my baby did the Race For Life 5km thing yesterday, so I sat and cheered her on and... ate chips. They were very nice chips. On the way back we got sushi from tesco's which was yummeh and Kerrang with beautiful posters. I stole another poster so I could have Gee and Ian posters.

I hate, though, that tickets for the Lostprophets and the Fightstar tour are on sale tommorrow and I lack the credit card to get either. The Birmingham Fightstar's the day before m'birthday as well. *plots*

I still can't find a challenge thing for Matt. I already have 2 sets of sins to do, so I can't do that...

Have an idea for two more slashes.. ebil brain gettin inspired.

Today we were playin on doin a Star Wars Marathon, but Episode 2 wouldn't play so after Episode 1, Lego Star Wars yay!
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