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Devotion and desire

A long post with veryyyyyy lotsa things happening so, here=post
Saturday night

Snorkal sucker!

Hot hot hot nurse

What happened to that Doctor Who paper thing? I couldn't see it anywhere, anyone know?

Anyway, we went to the Chinease State Fair in Brighton which was amazing! Perdy guys! Perdy lions! Perdy dragons! Perdy outfits! And their homes are on wheeels! It was so amazing and cool and wow. Those warrior monks can take a lotta pain!

At Monday I met the bitch Sofina. Watched Corpse Bride which is < 3 cause singing and amazingness. I've been in the infamous shop too. Sat outside while my baby had a guitar lesson, but I got confused by music coming from everywhere so I listened to music and got ideas which I'm noting now. We went into Sevenoaks and I swiped Star Wars cards from Woolworths, got Kerrang from Smiths for perdy Ian and perdy Brendon and perdy Charlie and perdy Sonny. Have to get today's cause it has Give It A Name posters < 3 Iannnn!

We went to Choices and rented Episode 3 the game and Jedi Starfighter. Episode 3 is loverly and brilliant. It's like LOTR, but the disc was scratched so it kinda... died. :( Jedi Starfighter's like Rogue Leader, in a way, but it's first person which I hate.


Tuesday we went to Bluewater which is AMAZING! I could live there. It was an amazing day and eeee! We practically lived in the cinema, we seen 4 films.

When A Stranger Calls
Some of the acting was reallllll bad in it, and it doesn't explain why psycho killer killed. It wasn't gorey, though it made me jump over stoopid things. It was ood but... I didn't like the lead, she was dumbbbbbbbbb.
Ice Age 2
It was hilarious! I loved it! More then the first and LEEEEEEE! He sounds nothing like himself and if I didn't know it was him I wouldn't think it was him. Sid got scarily smart and hee Scrat. < 33!!
It. Confused. Me. And how come thingy is ALWAYS pregnant? Third thing she's been in pregnant.
I loved it it was ewwy and gorey and Bill was perdyyyy! I like whatshername, the brunette. She amused me.

Yees, short things I know, but.. eh :P

Trailers, we saw lots, some many times :P. Ones I wanna see: Stay Alive, The Da Vinci Code, Ultraviolet (of which there was always a perdy poster of), Over The Hedge, X-Men 3 I'm sure there's more but I forgot.

There was a Just My Luck thing which we squeeed over and the place has loads perdy guys.

After Stranger, we went to the Lego shop, but they had no Sail Barge. After Ice Age we went back and I got an R2 keyring (which looks strange) and a V-Wing Starfighter (which is perdy and < 3). We got chips for Ice Age 2 but they had no mayonayse.

During the break between Ice Age and Brick we had a look around and I got Bayside's self titled cd (which is signed!) and Silverstein's Discovering The Waterfront. They were £9 in Virgin,when everywhere else they were 11+, so I had to get. I blame GIAN for me liking them. Baby found me the Harry band thing! YAY! The first and only one I've seen! Yay! < 3

Between Brick and Silther we had SUSHI! YAY FOR YO! SUSHI! Dreamysigh I had lots again < 3 Twas yummy! We got a takeaway box which we ate later.

Bluewater looks pretty at night.

I love my perdy baby, she's so cute tired. And strokeable. Even if she does yoink my MCR hoodie :P

Random thoughts, some of which I can't be arsed to put in the right places:
*Asian people are obsessed with cutting off tongues
*The Kerrang big mag thing isn't all thatt.. although it has penis and nipples in
*Chocolate fingers are yum
*I left my I-pod plug at home so it can't charge eet
*Steve is hot topless
*Dave is hot anyway
*Baybee likes my hoodie too much
*I need Attitude
*PS1 games are hard to find

Una plea: ANyone know a fic challenge thing? I need one like 7 sins to do for... Matt the kinkier the better
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