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Keeping me up all night!

Well, I went to bed afer talking to my baby last night... and prompt fell asleep instead of comiing back and finishing fic.

I woke at the ungodly hour of 6 with my tv on. Does anyone know how fucked up the Hoobs are? Especially when you're half asleep and you can't make out who's who as they're all bright coloured funny-looking things.

So at 7:15, after seeing the crazed Hoobs and Duncan and the phallic lighthouse (anyone that's seen Sooner Or Later will understand) I started to get ready.

I know have a pile of MCR, Star Wars, Bullet, Lostprophets, Pokemon and Mcfly tees. I didn't even know I had that many!

My entertainment bag is mostly packed, ie my bag filled of dvds from The X-Files to Star Wars Episode I.

I'm now working on my clothing bag, which'll be filled of thee aforementioned tees and jeans.

In over two hours sI'll be on my way. EEE!

Matt! Matt on in ten minutes on E4! MATTTTTTT!!!

...I'm not obcessed

Edit: I hate E4. This is the second they said he'd be on and he isn'tttttttt!
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