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The error is still happening on EAW. It's happening to at least 100 other people, whichc makes you wonder how the fuck such a bug that large was missed. It also makes you wonder why, out of the three patches made, not one of them has fixed it.

Where the fuck is Guildford?

Yay! June 6th: Fightstar signing at Birmingham! Squee! I can meet Charlie and Omar and Dan! Oh, and Alex, but I don't like him that much. I've no idea why. Woo!

Except there's probably going to be someone I don't want to see there...

Speaking of meeting people, on Friday I'm heading to meet my baby so I'll be gone for a week. I hope I'll have money in the bank so we can do things. I was meant to go today but didn't cause the electrian came.

Cause I'll be in Birmingham on Friday I'll be going to Selfridges and looking in the Lego shop. LEGO IS LOVE!

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