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First steps into a larger world

Three main things today:
*Mum's been messing so she's found my print out ticket for London. She didn't react how I expect so she's alright with it
*I handed in my application form for a job while getting Pepsi
*I've applied for an AOL credit card... but it won't come till 7-10 days. I thought it might come quicker so I could use it for next week in case my money didn't go through, but alas, no. Still I get a month's free broadband.

I have no idea how much money I'll have for next week. There's pretty much three extremes.
*Now, I have a £6
*I should have £60 in the bank by tommorrow
*I should have £200 back payments in too

If I have the £60 (which I should) then that'll cover for my travel (mum'll want £30), but I won't have much for anything else. If on the other hand, I have the £200 in, then I can get whatever and get my MCR tattoo. If I have neither I'm screwed, cause mum says I won't get money off anyone else to go. (Hence why I was really hoping for the card to go through quick). Though.. if it's here in 7 days I guess it could be first-classed done to me and I'll be able to use that then.


Should have fic done today.

Edit: Wow that was fast.

I just got a call from the Co-op to go over the hours I could do. I can do all of them except the Thursday, so they're going to get back to me. YAY!:D

Edit 2: And now I've got an interview in an hour! :O

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