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The man from the fireplace

It feels like an eternity since I've posted fic.

Must. Finish. Fic.

*gazes at 5 wordpad pages, in varying states of fullness*


I'm doing a post instead of ficcing so nyeh!

...why the crap am I nyehing?

Ok, let's guide this post somewhere so it has a point.

So, Doctor Who, how brilliant was that?

I didn't think I'd like it, but those mechanical robot things scared me. They remind me of the Saw puppet. And the Doctor drunk amuses me!

Next week, the gay one yay!

Is it still the 6th in America? If it is, can any Americans/Canadians, if it's not too much trouble, see if there's a free comic day thing near them so they could get me the Star Wars one? I was sure it was a later date...

6 days...

I had DSL's. Especially cause it randomly dies on me.

I wanna see the Love Revolution vid again. I wonder if it's on the single... and I wonder where said single is.

Mmm... Phixx were on a TOTP with Mcfly...

Fics to do (though this is more for my reference):
*Eddie's Song
*Hello Again
*Riding In Cars With Boys
*Tie Me To A Chair
*Untitled (DW)
*Untitled (GC)
*Untitled (GM)
*Untitled (Phixx)
*Untitled Poyntercest
*Vampires Will Always Hurt You

*looks over list*



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