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I still have thee block and I've been on wikipedia for ages being pointless. So as I'm bored I'm doing this.

Stuie dates
*Unkown date, though presumably Febuary: Concieved
*October 20th: Born
*Around late October: complications arise and I'm kept in hospital for an undisclosed period of time (presumably a few days to a few weeks), resulting in a scar on my stomach
Late 1980's
*Unknown date: I contract Meningitus from an unknown source. I need up back in hospital
Early 1990's
*Unknown date: I attempt to follow mum outside but get lost and end up at the police station (my earliest memory)
*Unknown date: I recieve, for no reason that I can recall a NES, I played it near constantly
*Unknown date: I recieve a Game Boy (presumably for my birthday or Christmas) and get hooked on tetris. Due to the amount of batteries required to run the thing it's kept attached to the wall via it's adapter plug (The batteries being a design flaw that's removed from later generation systems)
*Unknown date: I break my arm for the first time during a fall
*Unknown date: I have my tonsils removed, missing SPorts Day in the process. HOORAH!
*Unknown date: I see the a thing on the upcoming Star Wars Trilogy Special Editions it peaks my interest and results in me seeing all three films and becoming near immersed in the fandom, the first fandom to do so
*Unknown date: After Seeing Episode V I constantly hum The Imperial March
*Spring/Early Summer: At the leaving do for Glenthorne I end up crying
*Unknown date, though presumably summer/autumn: Pokemon first airs and I become hooked
*Autumn: I join Great Wryley, a place I come to revile and despise
*Unknown date: I start watching Buffy and The X-Files
*Christmas: Pokemon released on Game Boy. I get both Red and Blue versions
*Unknown date: I have a brief relationship with laura, my first girlfriend
*Unknown date: Pokemon Yellow released
*Unknown date, presumably Spring: Gavin, my first boycrush, starts school
*Unknown date: Using the internet I find out about Yaoi and slash
*Unknown date: The Phantom Menace is released. I see it on it's release date
*Unknown date: Bullying gets worse
*Autumn: My relationship with Sam starts
*Unknown date, presumably Spring: The relationship with Sam intensifies: until I find he's been seeing my ex behind my back, so I cheat on him with her. Both relationships dissolve shortly thereafter
*Unknown date, through presumably late May: I first see and hear Blue, they become the first band I obcess over. I start buying magazine and watching anything they're on religiously
*Unknown date: Due to intense bullying I'm forced to seek shelter, shelter which is offered by Sam. We end up back together, with me hiding at his place most lunch times. He sings Whenever, Wherever to me whenever he can.
*Unknown date: I get my first DVDs: Episode 1 and Pokemon The First Movie
*Unknown date in Spring: Returning from a school trip I have vision of destruction
*Unknown date: I learn the I Can't Get You Out Of My Head Dance and become obcessed with Kylie
*Septempber 11th: The bullying culminates in a punch up. The two towers are destroyed
*September: I start counselling
*Unknown date: I see Attack Of The Clones on it's release date
*Unknown date: Using Blue as a starting point I start getting into music
*Unknown date: Disappointed at the lack of Blue slash I start work on a fic called Trinity, but stop mid-way realising I have no where to post it
*Unknown date (though I guess I could check but I dunno where it is): I start a diary, omitting Sam
*Over the year (and the year before): Sam makes attempts to fuck me, but fails due to my choice not to tell him about lube and streching
*Unknown date: Sam leaves my life
*Unknown date: I first hear Busted
*Unknown date: Mum finds my diary, something that she promised she wouldn't do. Upon finding out she's read it I pack and ready myself to leave, yet fail to do so
*Unknown date (though most liekly earlier): i first get Queer As Folk Uk
*Over the year: The bullying gets worse and I start skipping school
*Post-October: I start donating blood. Due to an intense longing I arrange, through a mutual friend Sam to come over. I meet him the second time I blood donated so I lack energy to do anything. We meet later, but I realise the spark we had was gone
*January: I start this journal, creating Blue slash days later. FInally having an outlet for my thoughts, ramblings and writings my writing output increases dramatically
*Around April: I first hear Mcfly, but write them off as a Busted knock-off, and hate them due to their release being the same day as Breathe Easy
*Spring: I take over the old Lee Ryan and start rping as him full-time
*May: I set up my GJ
*Spring: I leave High School due to the bullying, though continue to attend Environment Science lessons
*Late Spring/Early Summer: Due to rping as Lee I start rping with a certain blue-eyed drummer. Realising he's hot, and due to a need to know the music to rp right, I become interested in Mcfly. Quickly this becomes a fixation too: leading me to write slash later in the year and meet many wonderful people
*Summer/Autumn: I'm dragged to see Robbie in Knebworth
*September: I start college
*Early October: I encounter Sam again, he offers me a lift home, he invites himself in and tries to... well most of you know what
*October 20th: Having surved the encounter I celebrate my 18th by watching all three Episodes of the Oiginal Trilogy in a row
*Early December: I met up with Rob and we see The Grudge together, we have pizza and he comes all the way back to mine but is only aboe to stay for under an hour: long enough to see the That Girl dvd and kiss
*January/Febuary: Through slash I hear MCR for the first time
*Febuary: Paranoid by dreams of ROb cheating I have a panic attack and almost kill myself
*Mid Feb: I buy Three Cheers: but see Sam in town leaving me all shook up
*Late Febuary: I go to Belgium to see Grace, my first trip overseas alone. I spend the trip listening to MCR. I try sushi for the first time and see Constantine and Wicker Park. Upon returning I find that Rob's been with another guy and go into a depression
*Spring: I see Kylie Minogue, and love her
*Spring: The fights with Katie end with us not speak to each other
*Spring: I give up being Lee
*May: I see Revenge Of The Sith on it's release date, then three times more over the coming month: with my uncle, my mum and grandad and with Sarah
*Summer: Me and Sarah become an item
*Summer: I go to a Lee Ryan signing and get my lip pierced
*Summer: I start seeing Eating Disorder people
*Summer: I write my best work Blade You Stain
*Augustish: I travel to Camden to see MCR and met with Helen
*September: I see Mcfly
*October 26th: During a trip to the Eating Disorder place Sarah insists on coming along. It starts destruction of what we had
*November: I get Episode 3 and watch it several times
*November: I see MCR at Wolverhampton
*Autumn/Winterish: I first hear Panic!
*January: A fight between me and Sarah ends with us not speaking and also causes me to lose Helen too. The day after I go to a Son Of Dork signing
*January: I go to Kerrang XXV
*Febuaryish: I first met Emily
*Feb-March: I get all 9 X-Files boxsets
*March: Met Laura (or was it earlier?)
*April 29-30th: Give It A Name 2006 at Manchester MEN

Various events that I can't remember the dates of, yet are vaguely important
*I see Underworld
*I first meet Helen
*I get an N64 for a Christmas
*I come out to my counsellor

..other things. I probably have got some dates wrong too... I can't rememeber, my mind's fuzzy and.. woah! it's 5am! Fuck... end here I will
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