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Ok, I've found a place in America I really want to go to: it's name? Centalia (I love the name so much it's gonna be in mah future Star Wars fic). It's a town in Pennsyvania and it used to be a mining town. Sound boring? Well, that's not what makes it cool.

42 years ago an accident in the mine's started a fire, a fire which quickly spread to a vein of coal. It's been burning ever since, causing trees to wither and die, sinkholes to form, cracks to appear in a nearby interstate and toxic gas to come out the ground. It's so cool! I wanna go!


Manga night was brilliant (though I made the mistake of Gravitation vol2 realising when I got home I already have it. Anyone want?). Most of the people there had been at the other one. There was this woman called Helen giving a talk. Now shee's old, like mum age old, but she's so cool! She's done a book called 500 Manga Heroes And Villians, which I bought and she signed (It has Luke and Pikachu in!) She's so cool, she likes shonen ai which means boy love. Someone asked her her favorite type of manga and she said when boys get it on and when pretty boys are tortured. < 33 She said that, even in a remote japanese bookstore, they'd have a 35 foot thing with manga and from knee to eye height the whole length was shonen ai! Dreamysigh, I wish I was Japanese. They also have manga on incest, necrophila and just general guhness.

I won a Piita-Ten book set (I've no idea what it is but eh, it's free. Twas fun! :D

Last post till Monday!
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