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Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off, but it's better if you do

I was up early today. But I fell back asleep and woke up half an hour ago. El sigh, so I'm not goin in today, still gives me an extra day off, for what it's worth.

Gina, what's Mein teil and Sonne mean? I think they're German.

I got Kerrang this morning, which only makes me more hyped about GIAN (well it does have several pages about it) so eeeeeeeeeee! I hope Panic! bring that windmill when they tour here. I agree with Ian, MCR will definately play something new.

So, who are there?

Panic! At The Disco
Taking Back Sunday
My Chemical Romance

Angels And Airwaves
Men Women And Children
The Bled

I know there's more, I just can't remmeber them/be arsed to check. The bolded ones are the most I'm hyped about, obviously. Even though I've seen MCR twice already.

The posters are crap, but there's loadsa ads for But It's Better if You Do (wtf is a poster bag anyway?) and there's a thing on Sonny. Plus there's a signed Billy guitar comp, which I'll do.

It also has the Download 2006 bill. I wanna go to the Sunday date (it's the best one). Bullet, Lacuna Coil, From First To Last and Fightstar. I wanna see Fightstar! Though I'm pretty sure it's only weekend tickets so..

Sadly I've missed the NME with the weird MCR poster, so if anyone has NME but doesn't care about MCR (normally something I'd poke them for) could you pweese send/gimme the poster? Mikey looks like Padme.

Oh yeah, I've been meaning to mention this for awhile but I always forget to, so I will now that it's on my mind. How great is it that Kylie's in the papers everyday? She's all smiley and happy and eee!

I love mah perdy.
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