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Heaven's a lie

I've had thee block again, el sob.

It's my last holiday day (well, unless they've changed the timetable again), so it's two full days at college, a half day where the rest of it will be spent packing and the manga night, then an early morning to Give It A Name.

So Saturday is wake up at a Godsforsaken hour, get dressed, go to Landywood, get the train to Birminghaam, go from there to Manchester, then once there, find the hotel, drop my stuff off then get to the Arena for a half day of madness.

Sunday, by comparison, will be calmer, cept I have to hunt down Gerard, Mikey and the rest of MCR, plus Panic! and fill my bag with loads of mercendisee. Plus squee over the new MCR song that, rumour has it, will be played.

Then Monday will be spent in the city and coming home.

Busy busy busy.

And it seems I'll be seeing Mcfly this September after all. YAY! I love my baby < 3

Speaking of we talked about llamafying some songs last night, anyone that can guess their original titles gets a cookie:
American Llama
Army Of Llamas
Llama's Song
Llama, Llama
Thank You For The Llama
Psycho Llama
Can't Get You Outta My Llama
5 Llamas And A Hare

And now I leave, cause driving lesson sooooon. Wibble
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