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Author: Me and top.. top's kinky
Pairing: Tuckwick (Charlie/Matt)
Rating: NC-17
Notes and stuff: It's kinky, kinky sex. I blame Charlie's appearence on Buzzcock's, and Matt for bein perdy
Dedicated to my angel antontobias86

I watched as he squirmed on the bed, sweat glistening on his naked torso. Both his wrists and ankles were shackled to the bed, his spread-eagled body squirming eagerly. His eyes were bright and wide, following me as I studied him. His pretty mouth was filled by a black ball gag, the straps of which were buckled behind his head. His erection, hard and throbbing, stood straight out from his body, a tight black cock ring wrapped around the base of his rod.

I walked around him, from one side of the bed, around the end of it to the other side, his eyes always following me. I ran my hands lightly over my leather catsuit, hearing a stifled moan from behind his gag. I was well aware of the effect I had on him and I still had an hour to play with him. "Now... what to do with you..." I looked over his body again, thoughtfully. I traced one of the red welts I'd made on his chest with my whip earlier, licking my lips. His body quivered under my touch and I knew he wondered what I was thinking. Softly, I purred. "Not time for your favourite yet pet." I could hear him whimper at my words. "But I will do something you'll like..."

I reached down, slowly working out the butt plug I'd inserted inside him before I whipped him. After a few seconds it was out of him and I gazed at the white stains on the dark plastic from the fucking I'd given him. I ran my tongue over one stain, tasting the faint taste of cum and plastic before putting it on the bedside table. My hands ran over what I planned to use on him before I picked them up and returned to his shivering body. I spread his legs some more, reaching under him to spread his pert ass cheeks, pressing the smallest anal bead against his pucker. The first three slid easily into his already stretched entrance and I gazed at his hole as the forth one popped inside him. He shivered in pleasure as the next few beads entered into him slowly. "You like that pretty?" He managed to nod as I pushed the three largest beads within him, the whole length of them now buried deep inside him. I grasped the ring that held them, wiggling them around wiithin him, watching him squirm at the feeling, making soft sounds. I liked my lips at the wonderous sight, then slowly worked the beads out.

I glanced at the clock as I pulled them out. I still had about half an hour and looked over his body. I bent down and whispered in his ear. "One last fuck, then your favourite." He nodded as I unzipped my crotch, my hard length slapping against my leather catsuit. I climbed onto the bed, aiming my cock for his wide hole. I gripped his hips as I slammed into his body. I groaned at the feel of his walls around my length, his ass clenching around me. I rocked harder and faster within him, my nails digging into his soft skin, leaving fresh marks next to the slightly faded ones from earlier. I ran a hand up his bare body, tweaking his nipples as I went higher, then reached around the back of his head and unbuckled the gag, pulling it out of his mouth. "I want to hear you moan pretty thing..." I trailed my fingers back down his body, thrusting hard into him, his head tipped back as he moaned my name. I removed his cock ring, tossing it away before wrapping my hand around his throbbing length and stroking him in time with my thrusts. He made soft moans and loud, low groans, my name being the many coherent word passing his lips.

I smirked ass I watched him writhe and buck up into my leather-clad hand as I rubbed my thumb over his head. I knew both of us weren't going to last long, especially him. I jacked him harder, purring down to him. "Cum for me." His ass clentched around me even tighter and he bucked up, his cock spraying his creamy cum all over his chest and my hand as he moaned my name. I groaned at the sound and his tightness, shooting my own load within his tight heat seconds later.

I panted softly and slide out of him, using my clean hand to collect the cum up off his chest. I gazed into his eyes, moving so I stood beside him and placed my hands in front of his face. "You know what to do." He nodded and licked at my leather palms, cleaning away all of his fresh cum off my hands. He purred softly, his tongue quickly licking every drop away. "Good boy!" I patted his head, ruffling his hair lightly. "Time for your favourite now. Open wide." I climbed onto his chest, aiming my soft dick at his wide open mouth. I gazed down at him, taking a deep breath as I sprayed over his lips. I watched as he swallowed the golden liquid, a few drops hitting his lips and cheeks. His eyes shone as he drank my piss, his mouth opening even wider so he could capture more of it. He purred as he swallowed every drop that landed between his lips. I petted him as the flow subsided, pulling his head up to lap up the last drops from the slit of my head.

I stood, zipping myself up as he licked his lips contentedly, his eyes lidding as sleep started to take him over. I kissed his forehead gently. "Sleep well, pretty." He purred something that sounded like master, then fell asleep.

I waited a moment, before going to the camcorder that was set up at the other side of the bed, turning it off and smirking to myself. Excellent footage, that I'd have to look over later. I went back to the bed, undoing the shackles that held him to it. I collected up all of my items, the shackles, the butt plug, the whip and anal beads and shoved them, along with all my other, unused items into my black leather bag, placing the camcorder on top before zipping it up and slinging it over my shoulder. I stepped over Charlie's pretty black dress as I headed to the door.

Stepping outside I gazed at Omar, who was leaning against the wall smoking. "I hope I haven't kept you waiting."

"Not at all." He replied, smashing his cigarette against the wall, the same as always. His hand reached into his pocket, pulling out his wallet and thumbing out a wad of notes.

"I'll have it on dvd for you in a few days." I licked my lips as he handed me the money, stuffing it in my back pocket. "Pleasure doing buisness with you."

"Pleasure's all yours Matt. And my boyfriend's."

I grinned and nodded worlessly, leaving him behind, knowing I'd be back the same time next week.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, charlie simpson, charlie simpson/matt tuck, fic, fightstar, matt tuck, slash
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