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The unsolved mysteries of... unsolved mysteries!

Bring on next week when I'll be inside Manchester Arena and stalking the Way brothers, squealing and singing very badly.

I'm so hypered about it, I mean, I've been within 10 meters of Gerard before, but he was crossing the road and I had my massive back on and I was tired and all. But this time he won't get away MWHAHHAHA! It's like I said to mum, if I meet any of them next week no one will hear the end of it.


How do you do a voice post? And which number would I call cause I'm all the way out here and not in America.

I'm gonna hook up my device to record the 8 hours of Kerrang videos < 3

I seen a bit of Matt's vid on The Hits last night... he looks strange and there's oto many girls.

Doctor Who last night was scary.
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