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It's not a side-effect of cocaine, it must be love

Been shopping today. It was boring.

Got It's Hot. It's slashy and mmmm SOD poster...

I got Fall Out Boy, but they only had the cd version:( I'll get the dvd tommorrow

Should be going to Wolverhampton tommorrow. Oh boring joy

Finishing fic now.

I have chocolate cake for later and next week is manga night. I should have about £200 for Manchester. MWHAHA! Yay!

Mum still doesn't know I'm going to Sevenoaks... and she won't till the day before.

Some people came to nan's about guttering. THEY WERE SO FUCKING HOT!!

I want The Hits working on this tv cause:
*They're playing Matt's video and I'm... intrigued
*And on Sunday there's a Kerrang video thing of the 100 videos (which I think are the 100 from the mag) which means Panic!, Fall Out Boy, MCR, Lostprophets and... other people

I'm sure there's something else that was meant to be in this post, but apparently I can't remember so...
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